Emerging Markets Mid Cap Private Equity Training

Training by private equity fund managers

WECM is an Emerging Markets Private Equity Training Firm.

Our focus is exclusively on private equity and venture capital

We specialise in Emerging Markets, especially Central & Eastern Europe, the Middle East & Levant, and Africa

The trainers are private equity professionals, whose careers have been almost exclusively dedicated to Emerging Markets

Our training is primarily practical and case study based, designed to give attendees concrete skills

All materials and case studies are relevant to Emerging Markets, without any “cutting and pasting” of developed markets materials for our courses

We are firstly private equity fund managers.  Between us we have managed 6 funds, in Central Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  Our teaching is solidly based upon our real world private equity experience, but also on our many years of training as well.  We are not academics, teaching the subject without having really done it; but nor are we semi retired old fellows just teaching own our specific past.  We combine youthful energy, real deal experience, high quality didactic materials, superior teaching and engagement skills and a multicultural background.

Gavin has particular insights into growth private equity, managing troubled investments and assessing GPs.  Jonathan has particular insights into venture, scaling up operations, working with angel investors.  The Emerging Markets credentials are underpinned by the fact that between them, they have lived and managed funds in Central Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  Both trainers have a particular vocation and track record in the mid-cap market, where most of the value is created in Emerging Markets.

WECM is not a body shop, meaning a website with lots of profiles, but not a real firm; just sub-contracting to people case by case, with each person improvising his/her own material.   Gavin and Jonathan have worked closely together in private equity over the last twenty years; and the teaching materials have been developed by them together.  There is a consistency of topic and method of teaching, irrespective of who the trainer will be.

Please drop us a line at enquiry@widereuropecapital.biz