This is an example of a basic one day introduction course to private equity.  This can be useful for people not directly involved as investment officers, or for people who just need a demystification of what private equity is about.  The below course was given to a group of EU officials, involved in financial markets regulation.

The program would be based upon modules of 90 minutes.  The modules, in general, would be broken into a lecture, followed by a case study with class discussion. 

The course below is a one day course on the topic of the organisation of a private equity fund.  It covers the managerial and economic aspects of a PE fund.  This course was given to a group of senior managers of a bank which had become an LP in several GPs.


Funds Management and fundraising

The course below focusses on the post investment part of the private equity cycle.  This course was given to a group of GPs, looking to enhance their focus on making the portfolio more exitable.


The course below is a five day workshop course, covering a wide range of topics.  It was delivered to a Middle Eastern private equity Sovereign Wealth Fund, whose staff needed to keep the morning period free for their regular work.

We want you to know what kind of courses we can offer.  Unlike others, we are not coy about providing website visitors with details.